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Contact for better Pricing on these. Cylinders: 8 Rod Type: PRO-H Bolt Size: 7/16 WMC Rod Length Inch / mm: 6.418 / 163.02 PE Width Inch / mm: 1.540 Tapered / 39.12 BE Width Inch / mm: 1.119 / 28.42 BE Bore Inch / mm: 2.6372 / 66.985 Pin Diameter: 1.3589 Weight Grams (Total / Rotate / Recip): 1103 / 681 / 422 Rods Carrillo uses proprietary chrome, nickel, moly, vanadium alloy that we purchase in heat lots of “100 metric tons”. This is a custom designed material, meeting all VAR (vacuum arc re-melt ASTM standards). The heat is validated, both by the supplier and an independent metallurgist whom confirm the desired physical and chemical properties of steel. All heat treat processes are via a mar-aged operation, resulting in UTS of 195,000 with a yield of 182,000 while maintaining the critical elements of low notch-sensitivity and ductility. All Carrillo connecting rods are manufactured from an oversized forging resulting in the proper grainflow as well as the surface removal of any potential inclusions or surface conversions generated by the forging process. All critical CNC machines at Carrillo are equipped with probing to accurately validate dimensional integrity. In the production process each part is magnafluxed at least twice, further each piece is Rockwell tested to validate the heat treat procedure. A final certified 200% shotpeen operation completes the part. Bolts Carrillo employs fasteners jointly designed by Carrillo. We employ two different materials: H-11 tool steel (220,000 UTS) as well as Multiphase TM (285,000 UTS). All our fasteners employ a patented tread design as well as the highest dimensional integrity in the industry. Each lot is sample tested destructively for both ultimate tensile strength as well as fatigue.


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